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Welcome to DNAtaly blog posts or Hello plant world!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

I am pleased to welcome you to this series of blog posts.

I will blog about news, upcoming events and curiosities about my research projects, visits to museums, herbariums, botanical gardens and fieldwork —all the things between bioinformatics and archival work. Mainly all the things that generally will not go in scientific journals or official channels for popular science.

Sampling Cinchona barks at the Economic Botany Collection - Kew RBG, 2018. With the great help of Kim Walker and Mark Nesbitt. Please be kind, it was my first year as a PhD student.

More in life than science

I absolutely love science. But I live for art.

So occasionally you will find some photography and drawings like photo essays or visual poetry.

See you here

Let's start a conversation. Feel free to reach out or write in the comments below :) Always happy to talk about plants, traditional knowledge, biodiversity, genomics, Indigenous peoples, alkaloids, etc (also art!!).


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